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Exploring your management skills

When a person makes the transition from worker to manager, there should be a mental as well as a physical adjustment. What one big factor is used by the companies in our industry to select their supervisors? Would you be surprised if I told you that it is job knowledge, and not management skills? Unfortunately, these skills have little to do with predicting if a person will succeed as a manager. What about management skills? Assumptions are made that a person who is skilled in a given craft will learn what he or she has to learn after going on the job as a manager. The problem, however, is apparent. Seldom does this learning experience go beyond that of trial and error. That method is quite costly and some people make it, others don't.

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Source: Graphic Arts Monthly

Information Technology

ICT development key to economic growth: World Bank

Information Communication Technology (ICT) is the key to economic growth and job creation in developing countries. According to a World Bank report, Information and Communications for Development, access to affordable, high quality internet and mobile phone services enables development at all levels of the economy and society. "For every 10 percentage-point increase in high speed Internet connections, there is an increase in economic growth of 1.3 percentage points". The report has also identified the mobile platform as the single most powerful way to reach and deliver public and private services to hundreds of millions of people in remote and rural areas across the developing world.

Broadband also provides the basis for local IT services industries, which create youth employment, increase productivity and exports, and promote social inclusion. As per the report, the bank has referred to the largely untapped global market of the IT industries, which was nearly US $500 billion two years ago. Only 15 percent of the huge market has so far been explored, leaving 85 percent untapped. The World Bank has suggested the developing countries to take effective initiatives to explore the opportunity for increasing their share in the global marker and creating more jobs.

Source: World Bank

Human Resources

Executive development in economic downtimes.

HR Training

The present economic climate requires executives to have strong leadership skills. In addition to flexibility, adaptability and good communication skills, they must have vision, be able to ignore their own personal interests and inspire and lead the organisation's members in the same direction. Stimulating and enforcing a teamwork-oriented culture is essential because a teamwork environment can bring in different and often times better perspectives, which otherwise would be unheard of. Executives must also be able to deal with their subordinates professionally even though they may not personally get along with them.

Leadership also encompasses the executives' ability to inspire and empower their subordinates, to develop people and their careers. A good leader must not only lead his followers but also develop them to become a useful resource of organisation. It is obvious that employee morale and thereby performance is higher in companies that have leaders who provide clear direction and purpose. Improper management affects not only the morale of staff but the future expansion capability of organisations as well, particularly in this era of globalisation, for it does not provide a clear direction to its organisational members.

The little book of big business secrets

Source: The Nation, Thailand.

High Performance PA or Administrator: Essential Skills

Today's PA must be able to handle a rigorous global travel schedule, speak a few languages and have great general knowledge. AstroTech has the facilitators and the course that will equip you with the skills to be an essential asset to any high powered executive or government official anywhere in the world.

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