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Integrity: Greatest Management Skill

When I've asked people what qualities they seek most in a boss they consistently name integrity: an uncompromising adherence to a code of behaviour that is right, legal, common to society and acceptable to them. They also believe people rather than organizations set standards.
The truly outstanding managers I've known seem to have a highly developed sense of personal integrity. You can usually recognize these special people by the harmony between their values and principles, between who they are and how they act.

Many of them feel it's important that associates and customers know what they believe in, will stand for and even fight for in a showdown. They also believe it helps draw people around them who think and act the same way. Below are some rules for good delegation decisions by managers with integrity.
1. Be willing to stand alone.
2. Pay the price for doing the right thing.
3. Avoid even the smallest ethical compromise.
4. Tell the truth with the least damage to people's feelings.
5. Reward and penalize behaviour.
6. Put people and the organization above self.

Corporate Training Johannesburg

Source: National Petroleum News

Information Technology

Entrepreneurial Minds

The dawn of the new economy - the digital economy - has been proclaimed. It is said that in this digital economy, knowledge workers with IT skills would be in demand and that the service industries would provide the most jobs.

While the government must take responsibility for creating the conditions of economic growth and new jobs, citizens must take responsibility for preparing themselves with the knowledge and skills required for the job market.

The challenge for them is to develop entrepreneurial minds. The entrepreneurial mind:

  • is open and flexible;
  • seeks new ventures and possibilities;
  • is able to adjust to new demands and challenges;
  • prepares itself to survive and even thrive in rapidly-changing conditions;
  • is set in a state of preparedness for changes and opportunities;
  • takes responsibility for its responses towards the changing external environment;
  • does not surrender to history and time-honoured practices; and challenges the past, present and future.

Within the context of understanding the answers to the various questions, the entrepreneurial mind makes choices and decisions with the aim of ensuring it obtains strategic advantages from its profound knowledge of all critical aspects of the political, economic, social and personal realities.

Source: New Straits Times

Human Resources


HR Training Johannesburg

Considering the generational mix and habits of your employees here are a few practical steps to consider if you have a mix of generations represented among your top people:

Assess your employee demographics:
Begin with a look at your work force from the perspective of the generational groups highlighted above. At the risk of being stereotypical, it provides you a base of knowledge and strategies.

Train your management team:
From first-line supervisors to CEO, your management team needs to clearly understand that age and background can explain some of the behaviour exhibited in their respective departments

Assess recruiting practices:
Assuming your goal is to attract the best possible talent available, it will be necessary to recognize that one size does not fit all when it comes to recruiting. Invest some time looking at your most successful sourcing tools, and continue to ask top employees across the generations where their peers are finding jobs.

Evaluate policies and benefits:
Like recruiting, it is imperative that you ask your top people across the generations why they stay at your organization. Their honest and direct feedback can provide an excellent blueprint for future policies, work-environment considerations and employee benefits. Generational differences can either be looked at with disdain or as a welcome challenge.

The little book of big business secrets

Source: Inside Business

High Performance PA or Administrator: Essential Skills

Today's PA must be able to handle a rigorous global travel schedule, speak a few languages and have great general knowledge. AstroTech has the facilitators and the course that will equip you with the skills to be an essential asset to any high powered executive or government official anywhere in the world.

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