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Everyone wants to get ahead. We all believe we deserve to earn more. To have a better job title. To have more work satisfaction – but how?

The courses AstroTech and it’s little offspring, BizTech provide, give very strong impetus to move your career ahead in the right direction. To ensure that staff are motivated, operate at optimal capacity and thrive in an environment of ongoing learning and excellence.

AstroTech’s The little book of BIG business secrets has chapters on everything from Ambition to Time Management; Change and Conflict Resolution to Team Building; Business and Systems Analysis to Software Development. It has a section on Economic Predictors which gives some of the economic intelligence locally and internationally on issues ranging from Agriculture to Energy, Investment, Property, Skills and Transport. Words have been taken from some of the world’s most inspiring thinkers and innovators over the ages in a section on Inspiration, from Solon of Athens, 6 BC to Thabo Mbeki.

The book is small enough to keep in a pocket, handbag or briefcase to be read on a plane, while waiting for a meeting, lounging on the beach, discreetly on a desk for quick referrals or next to a bedside table for nightly business common sense and inspiration.

It was compiled and edited by multi-award winning author Charlene Smith and has input from 24 of AstroTech’s top facilitators and staff including Bev Riemer, Wayne Ford, Liesl Gini, Leigh Allardyce, Debby Bosch, Warren Weertman, and Dirk Graadt van Roggen.

It makes a great corporate gift and an important source of wisdom and motivation for staff and your secret knowledge weapon for ongoing success.

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