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Turning the technical person into a succesful salesperson

10 September 2008, Skills Portal

In business it is very often the technical expert who becomes the sales consultant. Usually no-one knows or understands the company’s products better than they do.

But selling is a whole new ball game! Suddenly interpersonal skills, relationship building, the art of persuasion, delivering compelling presentations and selling itself constitute part of the new skill set required.

So if you or someone in your team needs to bridge the gap between being a specialist and a successful salesperson, AstroTech is offering a course on “Bridging the Gap: From Technical Person to Successful Salesperson.”

The course covers the following key topics:

* Bridging the Gap
- Transition phase challenges
- Defining the parameters of your new role
- The characteristics of successful salespeople
- Key communication skills
- Managing needs and expectations

* Introduction to Selling
- The selling process
- The importance of personal selling
- Marketing vs selling
- Understanding customer needs
- Identifying consumer behaviour
- Converting customers to clients

* Developing a Professional Image
- Establishing credibility
- Tailoring your approach
- Creating a professional appearance
- Understanding positive body language
- Understanding buying signals

* Managing Time Effectively
- Identifying time wasters
- Prioritising activities
- Scheduling appointments
- Organisational Skills

* Sales Planning
- Setting sales goals and objectives
- Developing sales strategies
- Making sales appointments
- Prospecting for potential business

* Sales Preparation
- Identifying customer knowledge
- Anticipating typical objections
- Analysing competitive knowledge
- Writing winning proposals

* Sales Presentation
- Understanding presentation techniques
- Listening and questioning techniques
- Focusing on benefits rather than features
- Verbal delivery skills
- Handling objections
- Dealing with difficult customers
- Negotiating techniques

* Closing the Sale
- Identifying buying signals
- Effective closing techniques
- Gaining commitment

* Maintaining Relationships
- Providing added value
- Moving from customer to client

* And much more!