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See the fruits of your labour

09 March 2011

As a manager you may be two-minded about the benefits of investing in your staff. This practice was not advocated by the managers of yesteryear and it may seem a bit alien to us as implementing this practice would require that we view people as our most valuable resource.

In most organisations there are a number of old-fashioned protocols and traditions that have been inherited by employees through the years. These procedures may have been logical when they were first implemented but if you don't know by now, the ability to adapt in an ever-changing globally competitive market is one of the keys to future business success.

A poor commitment to providing on-the-job- training for employees is one such legacy. Despite this backward mindset there has been growing support for this practice in recent times. Not to mention the government incentives that are now available for company's who offer training and skills development programmes for employees (in particular ,the training programmes that fall within BEE policies and regulations).

Still there are those who are hesitant about enhancing the skills and knowledge base in the workplace. And where to start may be one of the deterrents. Who should receive training first? Should those at the top end of the management scale receive training as they would be more likely to make practical use of that training? Or should those who have been at the company longer receive training first as they have proven their loyalty and therefore pose the least risk in taking their acquired skills to another organisation.

If you are undecided about how best to empower your staff why not start with those who work closest to you. It stands to reason that if the people who support you are performing at their peak you will be able to perform your job more effectively, which is always an advantage. You will also be capable of witnessing the benefits that skills development can bring to the company, first-hand.

'The High Performance PA and Administrators: Essential Skills' course offered by AstroTech is ideal for any manager who wants the confidence to know that their assistant is operating at their best and can even act as a second-in-command when they are out of the office', says Marketing Co-ordinator Nicole Jooste.

According to Jooste "there has been a high level of interest since the course has been advertised and although there may be similar courses on offer at other institutions, AstroTech provides an unmatched level of training, and retains expert communicators to deliver the courses."

Regardless of whom you choose to train in the workplace, bear in mind, that in doing so you are empowering the people of this nation, a contribution that is sorely needed. So the next time you consider the outlay, remember that when you invest in people around you, you invest in yourself, your community and your country.

See the fruits of your labour