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  • Look good, feel good and understand your image

  • Try to develop a memory for names and faces - saying people's names several times as you talk to them will help. When you see familiar faces go up and ask how they are.

  •  Read the newspapers to track the progress of our company and its competitors.

  • Network and develop relationships

  • Talk with enthusiasm about what you're doing and those who you work with. Tell people who you're working for and what you're doing. Find out what they do and find a way to develop the relationship.

  • Try to get involved on a project that works across your organisation so that you get to know people in different sections and teams.

  • Work smarter

  • Get everything right first time so you don't waste time correcting errors.

  • Never touch the same piece of paper twice, do it, delegate it, dump it – but don't touch it twice.

  • Do the most urgent and important tasks when you first get into the office, the little things can be fitted in at the end of the day or just before you go to lunch.

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