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Corporate Governance Course Extract

By Wayne Ford

The AstroTech Corporate Governance course is the best offered in South Africa and is one of the most popular courses AstroTech presents.

The information offered in this Governance training course is derived from South African and international best practice, whether the Public Finance Management Act or King Report on Corporate Governance from South Africa to the OECD Principles of Corporate Governance or other strategic information from the USA, Commonwealth, Canada and the United Kingdom.

Delegates on the governance course are given a comprehensive eight page questionnaire to determine how effectively they and their company are complying with corporate governance principles. Why don't you take this very brief quiz drawn from the questionnaire to see how well you understand corporate governance and how well you organization is complying with its demands?

  • Are the Board and the Audit Committee sufficiently involved in evaluating the effectiveness of the "tone at the top"?

  • Does the conduct of the CEO and other senior management personnel, inside and outside the organization set an appropriate example?

  • Has the mission and vision been clearly established?

  • Is actual performance measured regularly against vision and strategy?

  • Do human resources policies and procedures all comply with the current labour laws and best practices?

  • Is there an internal control process to ensure that employees have the requisite knowledge and skills for their respective roles?

  • Have you established channels of communication for staff to report suspected improprieties?

  • Are the control activities in place being applied adequately and effectively?

  • Do the independent directors meet alone when appropriate to discuss sensitive issues?

If you answered no, or were unsure about any answers perhaps you need to attend the AstroTech Corporate Governance training course.