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Testing Software systems

by Peter Havlik

Excerpt from a specially designed inhouse course offered by AstroTech, that can be tailored for a more general course if desired too

Path and Transaction Flow Analysis

Customer Details Capture Screen

The following use case describes the functional requirements associated with capturing a new customer into an insurance system.

Exercise 1:

Based on this use case, create a flow diagram, detailing the processes and decision paths in the system.

Exercise 2:

Based on the flow diagram in exercise 1, create a table tabulating all identified paths, decision diamonds and process links


  • Capture New Customer Personal Details

  • Pre-Conditions

    New customer details need to be captured. This may be due to the following:

    • The user has a new customer on the telephone and needs to add the customer to the system.

    • The user has received customer details via email, fax or printout and must capture these into the system


    The following inputs are required:

    • Customer data as follows:

      • Firstname

      • Surname

      • Sex

      • Date of Birth

      • Id No type

      • Id No

      • Email Address

      • Tel No


    The user must be presented with a single screen to capture all the input data. Data is captured either as free text or from dropdowns as specified for each input field below.

    Rules for the data fields are as follows:

    • Data Input

    • Rules

    • Firstname

    • Surname

    • Sex

    • Date of Birth

    • Validate that the person is not younger than 18 and not older than 100 on the date of the capture. If outside the range, do not allow

    • Id No type

    Dropdown with the following options:

    • SA Id Number

    • Foreign Id No

    • Id No

    • If SA Id Number type:

    • Validate against South African Id no validation algorithm

    • If Foreign Id No chosen, allow any format

    • Check that a duplicate id number does not already exist in the database. If duplicate exists, inform user and ask whether the user would like to capture the duplicate Id no anyway. User may choose Yes or No. If the user chooses Yes, a supervisor override popup screen is brought up and user must input a valid username and password with supervisor permission.

    • Email Address


    Provide the user with two buttons:

    Ok button When pressed:

    • all fields are validated against the specified validation rules.

    • If all rules pass, new customer is created.

    • If any one rule fails, the user is notified of all failed validations and is allowed to correct.

    Cancel button When pressed:

    • The user is prompted whether they would like to cancel the operation Yes/No.

      • If Yes is selected all customer data captured is discarded and the user is returned to the main screen.

      • If No is selected, the Cancel button does nothing further


    Successful Completion

    A new customer is created in the database


    If customer details did not validate correctly, customer may not be captured into the system


    New customer account number is returned


    A new short term insurance quote is done, if necessary

    Exercise 1 Answer