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“There is a phrase I learned in college called ‘having a healthy disregard for the impossible.’ This is a really good phrase. You should try to do things that most people would not,” Larry Page, co-founder Google from ‘The Google Story’ by David A Vise, 2005.

Look confident with an erect posture, walk slowly and deliberately, enunciate words carefully and clearly. Big words do not show intelligence – they often indicate arrogance, if you intend communicating, use words that your target audience understands readily.
To succeed, a company must create competitive advantage. This also applies to individuals, if you are a key employee, you will have additional leverage to improve your circumstances and quality of life. If you can establish yourself as a deliverer then the people who count will want you on their projects and more and better opportunities will come your way.
Resist the urge to build an empire. Empires are expensive in terms of company money and your own time, energy and emotional stamina. Often a small, well led group of good people can accomplish more using less administration, cost and stress than a large empire with many people.
Take responsibility for your life. If you wake every Monday morning wanting to call in sick, then you have a problem. Even the most challenging and exciting job can get stale after a while. Many people look for a new job or change careers. First talk to your boss as you may be able to modify your job and take on new challenges. If you are a valuable employee the company will make an effort to accommodate you. If they refuse to accommodate you, take it as a sign and move on to your next job with a clear conscience. Wayne Ford
Make every communication powerful and effective. One of the best ways to do that is to add value: present unconditional value so that when the person talking with you walks away, they know that the time spent has added something to their lives.
Henry Ford said: “If you think you can, or you think you can’t – you are right both times!” It is amazing what we can achieve when we truly believe in ourselves. Self esteem has two parts: self-image and competence. Many people are competent, but don’t see it because they lack self esteem. Others have great self esteem, but low competence. The key is to develop a balance, so that not only are you good, but you know you are good. Grow confidence by setting goals and believing without a doubt that you can achieve them… and you will.
Turn failure into a friend. There are no mistakes, only lessons. Learn from those lessons to improve yourself. Know that a lesson will be repeated until it’s learnt, and if you don’t learn the easy ones the challenges get harder. The more mistakes you make, the more lessons you learn, the more lessons you learn, the more successful you are! Never stop learning. Debbie Hunt
Everything left unfinished ties us to the past and hinders our movement forward. Make a list of everything you have left undone and consciously chip away at the bits and pieces. What needs to be done or said? As tasks are completed you can bring your attention more and more to the present.Liesl Gini
Start each day by inwardly reflecting on three things you are grateful for. Jot them down in a notebook next to your bed, this creates a positive undertone for your day that is hard for others to shake.Hendrina Khanyile.