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How to get Training and Develeopment to push you career to the next level

  1. Critical personal assessment is vital – for example, you are a great administrator but believe you would be a better manager. Take a hard look at your strengths and weaknesses, for example, you know your financial skills are good but you have persistent problems managing staff. In other words, to get ahead you need to strengthen your human relations skills first, and then brush up on other areas.

  2. How many training courses do you believe you need to attain your goal? Don't just rely on courses; you need to read to keep up with the latest trends in your chosen field. Today education is considered lifelong; there is no single degree, course or diploma that is sufficient.

  3. Choose a training and development company that has the closest fit with your development needs. Examine precisely what topics are covered in the training course, the quality of the facilitator being used and if the program is in a learning-friendly environment.

  4. Before you book, look at testimonials and feedback forms from others who have attended your course or others. Assess their client list and see if any of your colleagues have experience of training and development courses from that company. There are a number of independent websites, like HelloPeter that give feedback on problematic service providers.

  5. 5. .Training and development is expensive, attend your course diligently, take lots of notes, and ask questions. Network with fellow course attendees, you can build valuable relationships with fellow experts in your field.

  6. Choose a training course that gives follow-up counselling or advice or has a friendly facilitator who is happy to assist you with immediate queries that come up after the course.

  7. When you get back to the workplace, immediately implement what you have learnt. The sooner you practice what you learnt, the longer you will remember it and the more value you will get from the course. Stay in touch with those you met. Career brilliance needs daily attention.


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