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2007 was a year of success for AstroTech

2007, was yet again an extra ordinary year for AstroTech, we launched a sister company BizTech which is directed at serving the needs of middle management, especially the support staff that are critical to ensure an executive can function best. BizTech focuses on the skills development of team leaders, supervisors, administrators and those valuable shadow figures of every executive; his or her personal assistant.

BizTech has been incredibly successful and has grown from month to month.

At AstroTech we have more than 60 courses and have seen remarkable success, we now regularly run courses in Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban.

Just over a year ago AstroTech employed Leanne Whelan ( as client relationship manager with a special focus on inhouse courses. In her brief, very productive time with us, we have seen inhouse courses increase by 106% and the number of inhouse training days rise by 212%.

Inhouse courses tend to be more than a third cheaper if attended by 10 or more people and have the added advantage that staff can check emails and answer calls during teabreaks or lunch.

One of the things Leanne discovered is that many companies approach training without fully thinking through their needs. So she pays attention to helping the company more deliberately assess its needs and plan a course that specifically suits their skills upgrading requirements.

As an example of how AstroTech goes the extra mile for clients, there was a demand for training from a company in Douglas which is in a remote area of the Northern Cape. They wanted bilingual course material. All of our course material is in English; so Lindy Bobrow translated all the material into Afrikaans too.

  • In 2007, AstroTech achieved a Level 2 BBBEE grade

  • It started radio advertising for both companies.

  • In 2007 AstroTech celebrated its 9th anniversary

  • Staff took part in the Team Essence Program Run, Walk-the-Talk and the 94.7 Cycle Challenge

  • AstroTech was a finalist in the Skills Portal awards and launched its new Corporate Identity.

  • BizTech received Recorded Status from the Services Seta meaning attendees of BizTech courses can claim their skills levy back.

  • In one month in 2007, AstroTech had 35 courses and the amount of bookings for all course rose dramatically.

The most popular courses for inhouse training in 2007 were: Technical Person to Manager especially with engineering companies, as well as Project Management for Non Project Managers and Finance for Non Financial Managers, and the High Performance PA - that course has rocketed ahead and was the top public course in 2006 and 2007 as companies place greater emphasis on improving the skills of support people.

In 2007 AstroTech more than doubled its staff complement, both fulltime and part time. In late October it took delivery of it’s first book, AstroTech’s Little Book of Big Business Secrets, the book is a mixture of practical skills and inspiration (obtain a copy for R55 from It is a pocket book of essential and practical business tips, everything from software development to ambition and customer care distilled from the experience of facilitators, staff and international best practice. It is pocket size so that you can keep it in a pocket, briefcase or handbag or discreetly on your desk.