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General Product and Safety Regulations

Meaning of a Safe Product

3.1 A “safe product” is any product which under normal or reasonably foreseeable conditions of use presents no risk or only the minimum risk compatible with the product’s use and which is consistent with a high level of protection for consumers.

3.2 While the Regulations do not apply to the safety of services per se, the safety of some products (e.g. certain machinery and gas appliances etc) is dependent on how they have been installed and maintained. These services are an essential feature of the safety of the product and may form part of the contract to supply the product. As such they will be taken into account when judging whether the product is a safe product.

3.3 The safety of a product will be assessed having regard to a number of matters and, in particular: l the product’s characteristics; l packaging; l instructions for assembly and maintenance, use and disposal; l the effect on other products with which it might be used; l labelling and other information provided for the consumer; and l the categories of consumers at risk when using the product, particularly children and the elderly.

3.4 The existence of higher levels of safety, or availability of products presenting lesser risk, will not in itself mean that a product is unsafe.