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"From where I sit, it [the consumer tech market] looks more like the fashion industry than grown-up ICT." - Mark Hunter


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IT brought about a whole lot of questions that are not easy to deal with in terms of conventional law, says Warren Weertman, an AstroTech IT trainer and one of South Africa’s top IT lawyers. “One of the biggest issues was that people were not sure that digital documents would be accepted in court. The law says they are admissible, anything required to be in writing can be a data message, except for wills and the purchase of immovable property.”

In law, a contract is concluded when acceptance is received in the computer. The law is wise to shysters saying they never saw the email, “the law says the moment my computer system receives that message and I am capable of receiving it then the contract is concluded.” IT law is one of the fastest changes fields in law, book for a course now to ensure you understand the impact on your business.
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