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"It's hard to pay attention these days because of multiple effects of the information technology nowadays. You tend to develop a faster, speedier mind, but I don't think it's necessarily broader or smarter." -Robert Redford

Leadership Development

Jack Welch former head of General Electric said the company thrived under him because he spent fifty percent of his time on talent development. "Yes, even during downturns." When he visited a GE plant or factory he and his team would routinely spend half the visit reviewing the performance of the top talent there.

He insisted that people live by the company values, and those who didn't were sacked, even if they were 'making the numbers' (performing and delivering a profit). He said the job of a leader is to connect with people: "Your job as a leader is to get into people's souls."

Welch hated management jargon, he made managers 'de-jargonise' to talk like a leader. Inhouse training encourages teams to learn together, confront challenges, work through them and find exciting new solutions.

AstroTech offers all of its courses for specialised in-house training. Facilitators come to your offices or a convenient location, anywhere in South Africa or beyond to train your staff in those skills or courses your company will benefit the most from. AstroTech consultants help you devise the training package that bests suits your needs.

We tailor courses to individual client's specific needs, enabling your team to receive the most relevant training possible.

Providing training on your premises allows a greater client-specific focus and ensures key personnel are not absent from the office for too long its also more cost effective if 10 or more people attend a course. This allows you to train at the most convenient dates for you, rather than having to reschedule important engagements for staff to attend training.

Key Benefits of In-House Courses:

  • Tailor Made Package
  • Your Whole Team Benefits
  • Reduced Cost
  • We Travel
  • Your Premises
  • Your Dates
  • Your Priorities

For more information on AstroTech in-house courses, please contact 011 582 3222 or e-mail

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