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The Consumer Protection Act impacts the way in which companies are allowed to do business with consumers. This has implications in terms of marketing, legal, sales and other activities. To assist you to ensure that your company is complying and that you understand the provisions of the Act, AstroTech is running a training course on “Understanding and Implementing the Consumer Protection Act”.

The course covers the following key topics:

  • Background and aim of the Consumer Protection Act
  • Who are consumers?
  • The duties and obligations of suppliers of goods and services
  • The Implications and impact of the Act on your organisation
  • Consumer Rights               
  • Consumer marketing
  • Right to privacy                 
  • Rights around returning goods
  • Discriminatory marketing
  • Expiry and renewal of fixed term agreements
  • Fair, just and reasonable terms and conditions
  • Cooling off periods
  • Right to cancel advanced reservations, bookings or orders
  • Unsolicited goods or services
  • Right to disclosure and information
  • Disclosure of price of goods or services
  • Product labeling and trade descriptions
  • Right to fair and responsible marketing
  • Direct marketing to consumers
  • Customer loyalty programmes
  • False, misleading and deceptive representations
  • Over-selling and over-booking
  • Unfair or unreasonable contract terms
  • Prohibited transactions, agreements, terms and conditions
  • Prepaid certificates, credits, vouchers and deposits
  • Warranties & liabilities on products and services
  • Franchise agreements
  • Consumer’s right to choose
  • Future and continuous service agreements
  • Promotional competitions
  • Enforcement of the Consumer Protection Act
  • ... AND MUCH MORE!


  • Sales personnel
  • Marketing staff
  • Marketing and sales managers and directors
  • Customer service managers
  • Brand managers
  • Risk managers
  • All those interested in knowing the Consumer Protect Act better


After attending this course attendees should:

  • Understand the contents and implications of the Consumer Protection Act on your business
  • Learn how you can apply the Act in your company
  • Understand the impact of the Act on your company’s marketing activities and contracts
  • Understand how enforcement of the Act will take place
  • Learn the aim of the Act and its role in protecting consumers


  • Training Manual & CD
  • All delegates receive one month of telephonic support relating to course content


Provision of the course by AstroTech includes:

  • Professional Presentation of the subject matter
  • All course material & tutorials
  • 1 month of related telephonic support.

The course is 3 days in duration.


Please note that the venue, lunch and refreshments must be provided in-house and is not included in the cost of the course.

For more information on AstroTech in-house courses, please contact AstroTech on 0861 Astro T (0861 278 768) or 011 582 3222 or