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Social media marketing is becoming a phenomenon that can no longer be ignored and needs to form part of any corporate marketing strategy. But the rules of the game are very different from both traditional and web marketing and to reap the rewards and avoid the disasters, you need to know what you are doing. To assist in this regard AstroTech is running a course called "Social Media Marketing".



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 The course covers the following key topics:

  • Traditional marketing vs social marketing

  • Developing a social networking strategy

  • Integrating on-line with off-line

  • What kind of social media is appropriate to your business?

  • Social media options including:

  • Facebook

  • Twitter

  • You-Tube

  • LinkedIn

  • and many others

  • The differences between a fan page and a corporate website

  • The role of the corporate website in social media marketing

  • The power of viral marketing

  • Campaign creation, management and measurement

  • Brand building or revenue generation?

  • Engagement with your market

  • Reputation management

  • Dealing with two-way conversations while you have been used to one-way

  • Dealing with on-line criticism

  • Nurturing fans that stick up for your brand

  • Metrics and performance

  • Acquiring “fans”, “friends” and “followers”

  • Social marketing and company policy

  • The involvement of the legal, IT, PR and marketing departments

  • and Much More!


  • Marketing professionals

  • Brand managers

  • Marketing co-ordinators

  • Marketing project managers

  • PR professionals

  • IT professionals

  • Anyone else involved in corporate or social marketing


  • Understand what social marketing is and how it can apply to your company

  • Learn how to develop a social marketing strategy for your organisation

  • Understand the different social media platforms and what is most suitable when

  • Understand the “new rules” of marketing such as how to deal with criticism in an on-line forum and how to engage with your market

  • Understand what you can expect social marketing to achieve for your business


Provision of the course by AstroTech includes:

  • Professional Presentation of the subject matter
  • All course material & tutorials
  • 1 month of related telephonic support.

The course is 3 days in duration.

Please note that the venue, lunch and refreshments must be provided in-house and is not included in the cost of the course.

For more information on AstroTech in-house courses, please contact AstroTech on 0861 Astro T (0861 278 768) or 011 582 3222 or