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Managing business operations and people is a daunting task in itself, while moving from a specialist or technical role to one which involves general and people management responsibilities comes with even more unique challenges.

As a specialist, you have come to depend mostly on yourself for the effective delivery of job related objectives. However, once you become a manager, you are responsible for achieving results through others, managing workplace dynamics, and juggling the management of day to day business operations with managing people needs, emotions and aspirations.

To assist people in managing the transition from a specialist role to a management role, AstroTech is offering a training programme called "Bridging The Gap: From Specialist to Manager".

The course includes the following key topics:

  • Hot tips for succeeding in your new role:
    - Networking
    - Gaining credibility
    - Gaining access to mentoring
    - Using & understanding politics to your advantage

  • Transition phase challenges

  •  Key Critical Managerial competencies such as:- Decision Making
    - Meeting management
    - Communication
    - Leadership
    - Problem Solving

  • Overview of General and Operations Management including:
    - Budgeting
    - Management reporting
    - Business Plans
    - Interfacing with other departments
    - Strategy & planning

  • Managing the Employee Lifecycle through:
    - Recruitment
    - Development
    - Performance Management
    - Discipline
    - Termination

  • Labour Legislation Essentials

  • What makes people tick?
    - What makes an effective team?
    - How do you build an effective team?
    - Motivating others

  • Combining leadership with effective people management skills

  • Handling challenging situations

  • The art of letting go: Effective Delegation

  • And much more!


  • Specialists who have developed into a management position
  • Engineers, technicians and other technical staff who have developed into a management position
  • Professionals who have developed into a management position
  • Anyone else wanting to develop their management skills


  • Understand the challenges faced in the transition from a specialist to a manager

  • Learn how people dynamics work and how this can help you with people management

  • Learn how to get the best out of your team so that both you and they can shine

  • Awareness of labour relations risks

  • Exposure to current leadership trends and thinking

  • Practical guidelines which can be applied back in the workplace