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“If something can go wrong, it will” – Murphy’s Law

As a business professional, finding workable solutions to increasingly complex and multi-dimensional problems is part of today’s reality in our often stressful and time-challenged environment. There are so many factors that need to be taken into account, risks and benefits that need to be weighed up, and the final solution still needs to be sold to a diverse group of stakeholders. These key skills can, however, be honed to a fine art to enable busy professionals to resolve any crisis that comes their way, using practical techniques based on sound theory and research. To assist you with this, AstroTech is presenting “Advanced Problem Solving” which focuses on the following key topics:



  • Problem identification & prioritisation
  • Problem ownership
  • The 6-step problem solving model
  • Problem definition & analysis
  • Pinpoint root causes using facts, instead of guesswork or opinion
  • Setting goals & identifying constraints
  • Generating alternative solutions
  • Gathering, recording, structuring, and analysing data
  • Critical success factors – Identifying the things that really matter for success
  • Impact analysis – Identifying all the consequences of a decision
  • Evaluation techniques
  • Planning and implementation
  • Monitoring and assessment


  • Identifying and consulting stakeholders
  • Leading problem solving teams
  • Building consensus
  • Behaviours that enhance or block team problem solving abilities
  • Team and task maturity and decision making
  • Team problem solving: Ensuring participation, agreement and final ownership
  • Making rational business decisions, uninfluenced by office politics or personal bias
  • How to sell your solution to stakeholders


  • Mind mapping
  • Brainstorming
  • Displayed thinking
  • Brain writing
  • Kepner-Tregoe Forced Ranking
  • Root cause analysis techniques
  • Ishikawa’s Fishbone Concept
  • Force field analysis
  • Lateral thinking techniques
  • SWOT analyses


  • The role of creative thinking in problem solving
  • Blocks to creativity and how to overcome them
  • Keys to enhance individual creativity
  • Fostering a more dynamic and creative workplace
  • Promoting creativity in meetings
  • Idea generating – Generating creative & useful ideas, approaches and solutions

And much more!


  • Managers, Supervisors and Team leaders
  • Business Professionals who can improve their problem solving techniques
  • New Managers within an organisation
  • Anyone involved in the management of a project which is set to have a high impact on their organisation
  • Anyone who wants to enhance their problem solving skills


  • Improve your effectiveness by solving problems more easily
  • Feel confident that your problem solving techniques are sound
  • Learn how to be creative in your problem solving
  • Learn how to facilitate effective team problem solving
  • Reduce crisis management situations

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