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With the growth in the use of IT systems in business in recent years, there is a growing amount of risk exposure to companies in this regard. Consequently, there has also been a surge in the amount of legislation that has emerged as a result of this. This places an additional burden on IT managers and staff to ensure that they are suitably informed so as to best protect their company from the many risks facing them. In order to assist IT personnel to be informed with the latest developments, AstroTech is offering a training program titled IT & The Law.

The course covers the following key topics:


  • Understanding the ECT Act
  • Intercepting or Monitoring staff email
  • Tracking websites employees use
  • Legal requirements for email storage
  • Spam!
  • Software licensing issues
  • What IT contracts & declarations should employees sign?
  • What policies do employers need & When?
    – Internal security policy
    – Internet usage policy
    – Internal Backup Policy
  • Corporate Governance & IT
  • The Importance of Email Disclaimers
  • Electronic Contract Conclusion
  • Necessary Website Terms & Conditions
  • Selling goods on-line
  • Using your website to comply with PROATIA
  • Intellectual Property & the Internet:
    – Trade marks
    – Copyrights
    – Domain names
  • Software development legal implications
  • The use of software escrow
  • Data Storage Requirements
  • Preventing Computer Fraud
  • Telephone Monitoring
  • Personal software on company equipment
  • Sending Unauthorised Mail
  • What could put the IT Manager in Jail!

And much more!


  • IT Managers & Staff
  • Technology Managers
  • Managers whose Organisations Rely Heavily on IT Systems
  • IT Project Managers & Project Personnel
  • Engineers & Technicians
  • Marketing Personnel Involved with Websites
  • Anyone else with an interest in IT & The Law


  • Be knowledgeable about applicable legislation
  • Be able to best protect your organisation
  • Understand the implications of your actions/systems
  • Know what policies you need in place
  • Network with other professionals in the industry


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