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Using Macros and VBA in Excel can help you dramatically improve the usability and efficiency of your spreadsheets. While formulas and functions are great tools, macros takes things to a whole new level particularly for repetitive tasks and regular reports.

Learn how you can transform your excel spreadsheets by attending our course called Macros and VBA for Excel: Unleash the Power in your PC.

The course includes the following key topics:


  • Automating tasks that you perform frequently such as

– Formatting
– Reporting
– Data extraction from multiple sheets

  • Creating buttons and customising toolbars
  • Using the Excel Macro recorder
  • Understanding the limitations of the macro recorder
  • Editing, Debugging and Running Macros
  • Understanding VBA
  • Understanding the Visual Basic editor
  • Create a macro by using VBA
  • Learn about Macro Security
  • Utilise Multiple Worksheets with ease
  • Create User Defined Functions
  • VBA Programming Concepts including Projects, Modules, Objects and Methods
  • Using debugging tools on recorded cod


And much more!


  • Finance Personnel and managers
  • Data administrators, professionals and managers
  • Project managers and Engineers Analysts
  • Anyone working extensively with Microsoft Excel
  • Attendees should have a reasonable working knowledge of MS Excel


  • Learn how to automate tasks in Excel
  • Understand the difference between macro recording and VBA and when to use which
  • Understand how to do simple VBA programming
  • Dramatically improve efficiencies in the office relating to Excel
  • Apply your knowledge of Macros to other MS Office Products such as Word and PowerPoint


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11 - 12December

Macros and VBA for Excel: Unleash the Power in your PC!

11 December 2019 Johannesburg R9,500.00 R9,025.00 (excl.VAT)

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