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In order for business managers to make the best strategically important decisions for their organisation, an understanding of management accounting is essential.
Management accounting focuses on providing internal users with timely and relevant information which can be used for cost/profit decisions, profitability analysis, budgeting, capital investment decisions and many other critical business decisions. An
organisation’s financial success depends upon the ability of its leaders to capitalise on its strengths, remedy its weaknesses and maximise new opportunities and management accounting plays a key role in this process. In order to assist business managers to have the knowledge to make better business decisions, AstroTech is offering a course on “Management Accounting for Non-Accountants”.

The course includes the following:


  • The difference between Financial

  • Accounting and Management Accounting

  • Financial Decision-Making Models

  • The impact of Cashflow and Working Capital management

  • Segment Reporting

  • Budgeting

  • Finance and Funding

  • Capital investment decision making

  • Basic explanations of Financial Statements terminology

  • Money Laundering

  • Anti-Corruption Legislation

  • How officials get into trouble

And much more!


  • All non-accounting managers
  • Business decision makers
  • Marketing and sales personnel who require a better understanding of pricing
  • Project managers and product managers
  • Anyone else wanting to improve their knowledge of management accounting


  • Understand the financial implications of decisions
  • Improve business decision-making
  • Gain a good understanding of pricing and costing
  • Understand how to correctly evaluate investment decisions
  • Learn methods to achieve finance and funding


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