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Performance management of staff is a task that is disliked by many managers and for good reason. Addressing performance problems is never easy, while not addressing them means not performing yourself. To make things more complicated, there is a minefield of legal requirements that need to be considered to ensure that you avoid ending up at the CCMA. In order to assist managers, supervisors and HR personnel achieving successful Performance Management, AstroTech is offering a training course on Performance Management.


  • Learn how to Set Realistic Performance Goals and Expectations
  • Performance Measurement of Goals Set
  • When to coach and when to take Disciplinary Action
  • Employee Counselling
  • How to Conduct Meaningful Performance Appraisals
  • Methods for Handling Difficult Situations with Staff
  • The Value of Confronting Employees with Performance Problems
  • Mistakes made in giving Performance Feedback
  • Constructive Feedback that Results in Improved Performance
  • Implementing Disciplinary Action
  • Why documentation is Critical

And much more!


  • Managers and Supervisors
  • HR Personnel
  • Senior Management
  • Anyone else with staff reporting to them


  • Improve the performance of your team
  • Learn how to deal with non-performing staff effectively
  • Avoid the CCMA


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