People Management for New Managers

People Management for New Managers


Being expected to manage people has to be one of the most daunting aspects facing new managers in the workplace. People are unpredictable. People have emotions and feelings and they cannot all be treated in the same way. This makes people management complicated. Furthermore, new managers are often faced with the difficulty of having to manage a team that used to be their peers and this can make the transition even more intimidating. In order to assist new managers to address the challenges faced with managing people, AstroTech is offering a training course on People Management for New Managers which covers the following key topics:


  • So now I’m a Manager!
  • Gaining Acceptance and Credibility
  • Understanding People Dynamics
  • People Management vs Operations Management
  • Motivating your Team
  • Managing Conflict
  • Building a Winning Team
  • The Labour Legislation Minefield
  • Discipline & Poor Performance
  • How can the HR department help?
  • Developing & Training your Team
  • Coaching
  • What about your own Development?
  • Recruiting and Retaining Star Performers
  • Using Rewards & Recognition Effectively
  • Includes Hands-on Practical Interactive Sessions

And much more!


  • New Managers within an organisation
  • Team Leaders and Supervisors that need development in the people management discipline
  • Specialists who are moving or have moved into management roles
  • Anyone who wants to enhance their People Management Skills


  • Gain an understanding of the key aspects of people management

  • Understand what makes an effective people manager
  • Understand how build and manage a team

  • Understand how to gain credibility and acceptance


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