Train the Trainer – How to bring Training to Life!

Train the Trainer – How to bring Training to Life!


The ability to train others is a growing expectation of employers of their employees.
With the many “company specific” technologies, systems and processes out there often companies have no choice but to perform training themselves.
On top of this for large scale training across a company, internal training is often far more cost effective than sending personnel to external providers.
However, many people who are asked to train have never had formal training on preparing and presenting training and this can make all the difference in the success of a training programme.
In order to assist companies to provide their internal trainers with the appropriate skills to perform effective training, AstroTech is offering a training programme on “Train the Trainer: How to Bring Training to Life”.

The course includes the following:


  • You, the Trainer
    – Making a good first impression
    – Ways to capture attention
    – Increasing your credibility
    – Knowing when and how to adapt your style
    – Non-verbal signs to pay attention to
    – Getting people back in to the room after breaks
    – Dealing with nerves & fear of speaking
    – Planning your time correctly
    – How to get rave reviews from participants
    – Understanding & developing your own natural style
    – Assessing your strengths & weaknesses as an instructor
  • Getting the best out of your training group
    – Ways to improve group participation
    – Getting the most from a discussion while still keeping it relevant
    – Ensuring that they don’t start yawning
    – Effective Icebreakers
    – Tips for building rapport
    – Group control and managing course dynamics
    – How to give candid feedback with sensitivity
    – Strategies to handle negative participation characteristics
    – Motivating the group to learn and participate
  • Powerful Training Methods
    – Activities to bring your course to life
    – Creating interactive learning experiences
    – Tools & techniques for adult learning
    – Techniques to increase learner retention
    – How to make your courses fun and lively
    – Best instructional methods
    – Analogies & metaphors to make the instruction more powerful
    – Effective demonstrations
    – Using audio visual techniques
  • Developing Exciting Course Content
    – Creating slides that capture attention
    – Creating a dynamic programme
    – Performing a needs assessment
    – How to write and structure a course
    – Making dull material spring to life
  • Creating the Right Training Environment
    – Setting the climate
    – Different seating arrangements and their impact
    – Creating a safe & comfortable environment

And much more!


  • Instructors, facilitators and trainers looking to improve their technique or introduce a creative approach
  • Course developers looking to enhance their programmes
  • For people who have no formal training in presenting courses but need to present them
  • Managers who need to train their staff
  • Sales personnel who need to train their clients
  • Anyone else who can benefit from presenting training well


  • Get updated on the latest tools & techniques
  • Learn how to create a dynamic learning experience
  • Learn how to capture & keep attention
  • Understand how to make dull content exciting
  • Learn how to manage group dynamics effectively


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