Webinar: Specialist to Manager

Webinar: Specialist to Manager

Being a manager requires a whole new set of skills that can be very daunting to a previous specialist. Suddenly you are required to perform a completely new and different role as well as to take responsibility for the performance of others. Your success is no longer dependent upon tasks completed by you but by the performance of your team. Make sure you have the tools to make them shine!

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  • Dealing with the challenges of moving from specialist to manager including building credibility with your team and senior management
  • Management functions
    • Planning, organizing (delegation), leading and controlling
  • Performance management
    • Setting KPI’s
    • Performance management discussions
    • Coaching
  • People management
    • Motivation
    • Building a team
    • Dealing with conflict

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  • Understand the challenges faced in the transition from a specialist to a manager
  • Learn how people dynamics work and how to apply it to successful people management
  • Learn how to get the best out of your team
  • Get exposed to current leadership trends and thinking



  • Specialists who have developed into a management position
  • Engineers, technicians and other technical staff who have developed into a management position
  • Professionals who need to develop their management skills

Duration: 1 hour 30 minutes



Flexible Training: No minimum delegates. Your Date. Your Duration. Face to Face or Online.

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