Business Negotiation Skills

Business Negotiation Skills


Great business negotiation skills can make a significant difference to the value that you bring to your organisation. Skilled negotiators organise great terms, excellent prices and simultaneously manage to maintain good relationships. In the corporate environment it’s not about being slick or about being a bully, it’s about possessing the right skills and style to achieve the best possible deal for your organisation in a manner that is both profitable and sustainable for all.

Fortunately negotiation skills can be learned and to assist organisations to reap the benefits of effective negotiations, AstroTech is offering a training course on “Business Negotiation Skills”. The course covers the following key topics:


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  • Key Negotiating Skills
    – Understand the approach of Professional Negotiators
    – Preparing & managing your team for negotiations
    – Preventing negotiation sabotage by your own team
    – Opening bids and offers
    – Individual vs. Team Negotiation
    – Developing an effective plan & strategy for negotiations
    – Thinking creatively to achieve solutions
    – When to open first
    – Taking control of the negotiating process
    – Understanding open and hidden agendas
    – Venue, Facilities & Timing
    – Knowing your bottom line
    – Cross cultural negotiations
    – Planned concessions & negotiation targets
  • Negotiating Styles
    – Being persuasive
    – Using & Countering power in negotiation
    – Silence as a powerful negotiation tool
    – Interpersonal skills and body language
    – Neutralising manipulative tactics
    – What to do when they have more power than you do!
    – Retaining Flexibility
    – Learn how to Leverage your deals
    – Dealing with Intimidation

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  • The Negotiation Climate
    – Closing profitable agreements and ensuring sustainable profit
    – Win other’s trust
    – Resolve conflict
    – Relationship building skills
    – Achieving win-win outcomes
    – Managing People’s feelings
    – Making the other side “feel that they got a good deal
    – Closure
    – The importance of “the Spirit of the Deal”

And much more!



  • Directors, Managers and Department Heads
  • Team leaders & Supervisors
  • Sales Personnel and Account Managers
  • Purchasing & Procurement Personnel and Managers
  • Government Officials
  • Contracts Managers & Project Managers
  • Staff involved with placing orders for goods and/or services
  • Anyone wishing to improve their negotiating skills


  • Learn how to achieve the best deal for your company
  • Understand the complex negotiation process in full
  • Achieve win-win solutions
  • Learn how to resolve conflict and deal with difficult people
  • Understand the tactics used in negotiations
  • Learn how to think strategically and consider the bigger picture when negotiating


Choose your preferred training type/method of delivery below.

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Flexible Training: No minimum delegates. Your Date. Your Duration. Face to Face or Online.

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