Difficult Discussions: The Right Way, The Right Time, The Right Results

Difficult Discussions: The Right Way, The Right Time, The Right Results


Addressing team dynamics with emotionally charged individuals, giving constructive feedback to a defensive team member or asking your boss for a raise are some of the many difficult discussions that face us all in the workplace. It’s often easier to avoid the whole issue and when you do build up the courage, it doesn’t always go the way you’d like. But imagine knowing the tools and techniques to handle any difficult discussion with ease and achieve your desired outcome time and again.


  • Handling difficult discussions with confidence
  • Understanding what we usually do wrong
  • Recognising and overcoming avoidance of difficult discussions
  • Creating a climate conducive for the discussion
  • Dealing with defensiveness, forcefulness and/or high emotions in others when tackling sticky issues
  • Managing your own emotions to ensure a constructive outcome
  • When should you have a difficult discussion and when should you walk away?
  • Addressing silence or overreactions in your own style
  • Ensuring your don’t bully or get bullied
  • Achieve the results you want through the use of defined tools and techniques
  • Being respectful yet candid
  • Ensuring you hear the whole story and share what is on your mind
  • Improving performance, productivity, teamwork and quality through improved communication

And much more!


  • Managers who are required to give performance feedback
  • Managers in charge of a diverse team
  • Team members who want to improve their communication and leadership capabilities
  • Team members dealing with diverse personalities
  • Anyone who wants their difficult discussions made easier


  • Handle problems sooner and more effectively through understanding the right approach
  • Learn how to give and receive feedback while maintaining relationships and achieving results
  • Make better decisions because you won’t be scared of communicating the outcomes
  • Achieve improved relationships in both your professional and personal life
  • Understand the benefits to you and your organisation of improved discussions


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