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The main focus of the Team Effectiveness training course will be to ficus on the possibilities and not just the problem. It has become increasingly apparent that the shift from our problem-centered approach will bring about change that will make us more successful in business and our professional lives. You will discover what works in your organisation and team; not to ignore problems, but to approach them from a different angle. The Team Effectiveness training course is designed to help us manage our lives and our interactions with others in the workplace thereby contributing to both personal excellence and greater workplace team effectiveness.


  • Focus on teams
    • General characteristics of effective teams
    • Characteristics of high performing teams
    • Stages in team development
  • Setting the scene for constructive dialogue
  • Conversations around trust
  • Dealing with conflict/working towards respectful interactions
  • Getting to resolution
    • Old conflict resolution paradigm
    • New conflict resolution paradigm
    • Requirements for resolution
    • Requirements for masterful resolutions
    • What will help resolution?
  • Collaborative conflict discussions
  • Speaking and listening techniques
  • Honest and assertive communication
  • Re-framing negative statements into positive ones
  • Active and responsive listening
  • Acknowledging emotions
  • Managing anger
  • The art of apologising
  • Focusing on what matters
  • Obstacles to resolution
  • Transactional analysis framework

And much more!


  • Team supervisors and managers
  • HR officers, HR managers and directors
  • Project leaders and project managers
  • Newly appointed managers
  • Anyone who is interested in improving their team effectiveness skills


  • View conflict as a natural consequence of working in teams
  • View conflict as something to be skillfully managed and not feared
  • Have a deeper understanding of what causes conflict within a team
  • Have obtained insight into their own conflict handling styles and responses to conflict
  • Be aware of their own conflict dragons, how to know them, recognise them and slay them
  • Acquire skills as to how to engage with others at all levels in a spirit of dialogue, collaboration and resolution.
  • Have increased their level of personal effectiveness and ability to become a more effective team member


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