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The time to learn how to best deal with the media is not “on-the-job”.  You need to be able to know how to deal with journalists and reporters before your company and its reputation is in the spotlight. Media relations can have a huge impact on the reputation of your company and brand and it is critical that your organisation is reflected well in all of your media interactions. To assist prepare you to deal well with all media interactions, AstroTech is running a training course called “Managing the Media and Media Relations”.

The course includes the following:


  • The differences between radio, print and TV
  • Preparing and planning for an interview
  • Steering and controlling an interview the way you want it to go
  • Using effective messaging that reflects the quality of your organisation
  • Jargon, abbreviations and technical terms
  • What is a sound bite and how to create one
  • What to expect at the studio
    (Green rooms, make-up, cameras and mics, timing, autocues, etc)
  • Making it interesting with anecdotes and examples
  • Having facts and statistics on hand to boost your credibility
  • Handling crisis interviews and ambush interviews
  • Live vs recorded interviews
  • Managing talk shows and phone-ins
  • Knowing what to wear
  • Learning to smile and the importance of smiling
  • Being aware of your body language
  • Projecting your voice, clarity and pace
  • Feeling confident even in difficult interviews
  • Practical interview practice with playback and feedback

And much more!


  • Company executive and directors
  • Managers required to interact with the media
  • Company spokespeople
  • Public relations and corporate communications personnel


  • Be able to confidently and competently deal with the media
  • Learn how to get your message across
  • Know how to project the right image in terms of dress, body language and message delivery
  • Understand the media better


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