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In the global war for talent, companies are seeking out and securing relevant skills and people with potential any way they can. In the South African context, Employment Equity and Labour Relations legislation render the field of recruitment and selection even more complex. A contested selection process or decision where the CCMA rules in favour of the aggrieved party can cost a company dearly. In addition, the application of a poor recruitment and selection process can be equally costly in terms of inappropriate person-job-organisation fit selection decisions.

To assist organizations in applying legally compliant recruitment and selection practices which result in quality placements, AstroTech is offering a course called “Minimising Recruitment Risk”. The course includes the following:


  • Minimising the risk of appointing the wrong person
  • Matching the recruitment needs to your business context
  • Determining job relevant requirements
  • What makes a recruitment and selection process fair?
  • Increasing the objectivity of the selection process through competency based interviewing skills and panel interviewing (practical skills application)
  • Additional methods of enhancing the selection process
  • Conducting fair yet legally compliant pre-employment checks
  • Making a fair selection decision
  • Legislative Overview

And much more!


  • Team Leaders, supervisors and Line Managers whose roles include the recruitment and selection of staff
  • Recruitment/Human Resource Officers who need to acquire these skills


  • Understand how to make better quality placements
  • Avoid costly recruitment and selection mistakes
  • Understand employer obligations in respect of the legislation
  • Minimise the Risk associated with recruitment


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