Occupational Health & Safety

Occupational Health & Safety


Occupational Health & Safety is an issue that impacts all organisations and companies cannot afford to adopt a reactive approach when dealing with it. A proactive approach is the only way to prevent problems before they arise. Motives for compliance with OHS vary from company to company and include concern to prevent litigation, concern for workers, concern for the productivity impact of safety problems as well as many more.

What is unquestioned is the importance of Occupational Health & Safety to any organisation. To assist organisations to understand all the complexities and legal requirements of OHS, AstroTech is offering a training program on Occupational Health & Safety for Industry & Commerce

The program will both cover the following key topics:


  • Awareness of your legal duties as an employer
  • Establish who bears the ultimate responsibility for all your employees
  • Establish who bears the ultimate responsibility for all persons who visit your premises
  • How to ensure that all employees are made aware of their responsibilities as regards health and safety in the workplace
  • Ensuring that the elected Health and Safety representatives are informed of their responsibilities and duties
  • Conducting safety checks in the workplace
  • Developing appropriate health and safety policies and procedures for the workplace
  • Identifying unhealthy and/or unsafe situations in the workplace

And much more!


  • Shop stewards
  • Management’s appointed health and safety representatives
  • Workshop managers
  • Managers delegated with the responsibility of ensuring health and safety in the workplace
  • Office managers in an admin environment
  • Senior management and CEO’s
  • Human Resource managers


  • Gain an understanding of legal duties of the various parties

  • Gain an understanding of responsibilities of the various parties

  • Identify and develop appropriate safety policies and procedures, in the work place.

  • Protect your organisations against possible litigation

  • Ensure the safety of your workforce


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