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People Management is one of the most difficult parts of management. People are unpredictable. People have emotions and feelings and they cannot all be treated in the same way.

This makes People Management complicated. In order to assist managers to address the challenges faced by managing people, AstroTech is presenting a course on “People Management” which covers the following key topics:


  • Leading the Team towards company objectives
  • How to get People to want to do what they’re supposed to do
  • What Great Managers do
  • Lead your Staff – Don’t just Manage them
  • Dealing with People Problems and Difficult Situations Effectively
  • Exercise effective Communication Techniques
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Establishing your own Managerial Style
  • Leading and Managing people you used to work alongside with
  • Building an environment of Trust
  • Coach and Mentor your Team for Improved Performance
  • Recognising Strengths and Developing Potential
  • Motivating to Achieve Maximum Performance
  • Determine the appropriate Delegation Style for different Team Members and Situations
  • Understand your Technical Staff and Manage them Accordingly
  • Managing a Diverse Team Effectively with Sensitivity
  • Recognition and Feedback
  • Your Influence on the Team both Good and Bad
  • Performance Management, Disciplinary Procedures and Labour Legislation
  • Tackling Poor Performance or Bad Behaviour quickly and fairly
  • Providing Clear Performance Feedback on a Timely Basis
  • Rewarding Good Work and Encouraging those who are struggling to Perform
  • Giving Praise and Appreciation

And much more!


  • All Managers within an organisation
  • Team Leaders and Supervisors that need Development in the People Management discipline
  • Specialists who are moving or have moved into Management Roles
  • Anyone who wants to enhance their People Management Skills


  • Learn how to address Sensitive People Issues
  • Learn how to Motivate, Manage and Lead your Team to deliver Results
  • Learn how to Lead Individuals you used to work alongside with
  • Deal more Effectively and Confidently with Conflict
  • Learn how to Effectively Delegate


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