Power BI Essentials

Power BI Essentials


Microsoft Power BI is a powerful collection of software, applications and services that will help you turn raw data into meaningful stories. It is a new way to explore and visualize data, tell compelling stories, and
share those insights. This course will show you how to link and model data in Power BI to create visual reports that reveal data insights. We’ll start by exploring the Power BI interface, understanding the
different ways to connect to data sources, and creating a basic report. Then, we’ll dive into more advanced topics such as how to create a table or matrix visualization of your data, how to use parameters in your reports, and how to create custom visuals.

The course includes the following key topics:


  • Learn about business intelligence and how to use the Power BI interfaces.
  • Learn how to use Power BI and the application on a daily basis to support efficient and agile analytics.
  • Identify the various data sources within an organization, extract and manipulate it quickly, and deliver critical information on time.
  • Utilize best practices in database design by realizing the power of the Data Model through the use of the LOOKUP function and efficient database design.
  • Learn how to use Power BI’s Data Analysis Expression (DAX) to leverage Data Models and analytics.
  • Learn how to connect and visualize large datasets in order to consume and analyze information quickly and easily to support informed business decisions.
  • Navigate the Power BI Ecosystem with confidence and determine which tool to use for maximum impact.
  • Create, modify, and personalize interactive dashboards, visualizations, and reports to communicate specific business metrics in an easy-to-understand format.

And much more!


  • Employees responsible for extracting, re-organizing and analyzing data.
  • Those in charge of data modelling, creating and using recurring reports.
  • Anyone else who is interested in saving significant time through automating the work in the above.


  • Use the Power BI desktop client and web app
  • Connect to a data source using either the Power BI desktop client or the web app
  • Create models with the data
  • Create reports and visualizations


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