Public Finance Management Act

Public Finance Management Act


It is important for officials working in Government to have a good understanding of the legislation governing public finance in order to fulfill their fiduciary duty. Consequently, an understanding of the Public Finance Management Act is necessary. Knowledge of the concepts and principles for sound financial management and the accurate reporting thereof is critical. To assist in this regard, AstroTech is offering a training program on this subject:

The course covers the following key topics:


  • An overview of the PFMA
  • The Financial framework applicable to public officials
  • The major concepts and principles of the PFMA legislation
  • Practical guidance on operational compliance with the main requirements of the PFMA
  • Practical guidance on operational compliance with the main requirements of the Treasury Regulations
  • Implementation of the Public Finance Management Act:
  • Audit committees
  • Internal control
  • Internal audit
  • Annual financial statements
  • Strategic planning and performance management
  • Budgeting and forecasting
  • Investigating misconduct
  • Performance management and reporting in terms of the PFMA
  • Financial reporting and accountability
  • Success factors of good public financial management

And much more!


  • Middle Managers in the public sector
  • Senior Managers in the public sector
  • Government Officials
  • Anyone who needs to work with or comply with the PFMA


  • Understanding the basic concepts and principles necessary for sound financial management in the public sector
  • Complying with the requirements of the Public Financial Management Act
  • Complying with the Treasury Regulations
  • Understanding how to practically apply the requirements of the PFMA
  • Applying the principles of effective reporting


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