Taking Charge of Change

Taking Charge of Change


Very few, if any, companies are immune from change these days. Change is usually initiated because businesses have to respond to pressures and constraints to remain competitive. During change there is, however, a danger of productivity plummeting because of morale problems associated with poorly managed change. Therefore equipping you or your team to empathise, support, guide and communicate positively about change may be one of the best investments you could make to grow and sustain your business.
If your company is preparing for change, in the middle of change or even having a hard time recovering from change, then helping your people manage change is essential.


  • Defining a Change Management Strategy
  • Identifying a Change Management Team
  • Preparing a Change Plan
  • Integrating organizational and technology changes into a single change management plan
  • Identifying and outlining the change process
  • Proactively gaining support for change
  • Understanding the role of the sponsor
  • How to implement systematic change
  • The role of training in change management
  • Collecting & analyzing feedback
  • Change Management Best practices
  • Effective leadership styles in a change environment
  • Managing performance & productivity during the change process
  • Knowing the traits of a change leader and how to develop them in yourself
  • Recognising how change benefits an organization
  • Identifying why employees resist change and managing the resistance
  • Gaining commitment for change from your team/the organization
  • Developing a strong communication strategy
  • Communicating the benefits of change to the organization
  • Managing the impact of the grapevine!
  • Understanding common emotions experienced by people during change
  • Dealing with fear and resistance
  • Celebrating Change Successes

And much more!


  • Managers of organizations undergoing change
  • Change management team leaders and members
  • Anyone in an organization which is restructuring, merging or downsizing
  • Anyone involved in the management of a project which is set to have a high impact on their organization
  • Anyone else with an interest in better managing change within their organisation


  • Learn how to approach change management using a structured approach
  • Better understand the change management lifecycle
  • Get exposure to best practice change management processes
  • Be ready and prepared to deal with complex people issues surrounding change management


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