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The Employment Equity Act aims to eliminate unfair discrimination and achieve equitable representation at all levels in the workplace. To assist you to understand the provisions of the Act, AstroTech is running a training programme which covers the following key topics:

The course includes the following:


  • The purpose of the Act
  • Unfair discrimination
  • Affirmative action
  • Analysis of Employment Equity strategies, policies & procedures
  • Developing Employment Equity plans
  • Compiling the Employment Equity plan
  • The Employment Equity report
  • Income differentials
  • Monitoring, enforcement and legal proceedings
  • Medical & Psychological testing
  • The consultation process
  • The EE committee: members, roles and responsibilities
  • Disclosure of information

And much more!


  • HR managers and directors
  • Line managers
  • Supervisors
  • HR professionals
  • Recruitment professionals
  • Training and development managers and staff


  • Build an Employment Equity strategy in line with your organisational goals
  • Learn practical approaches to Employment Equity implementation
  • Understand the implications of the Act on your organisation
  • Understand how to ensure no unfair discrimination in your organisation
  • Learn what an Employment Equity plan & report involves


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