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It is critical for companies to maintain high levels of competence throughout their organisation and not just with a few highly skilled professionals who have many years experience. This is where the value of coaching and mentoring comes in. Organisations are often filled with talented individuals but many need guidance, support and development to become true stars. So make sure that your company has coaches and mentors that really work and make a difference.


  • Now I’m a mentor!
  • Competencies and skills of a mentor
  • What is coaching?
  • Coaching vs. Mentoring
  • Identify and appreciate the benefits of coaching and mentoring
  • Understanding different learning styles
  • Evaluate the individual’s learning needs
  • GROW Model – Useful questions using GROW
  • Building trust and confidence
  • Listening and questioning
  • How to give appropriate feedback and constructive critisism
  • Guidelines to develop a strong coaching & mentoring relationship
  • How to improve performance through coaching & mentoring
  • The benefits of mentoring to the organisation
  • Responsibilities of the mentor and mentee: managing your mentee
  • Results: How to measure progress
  • Make best use of the individuals’ learning potential and career development
  • Overcoming difficulties
  • Setting coaching goals and objectives
  • Establishing coaching needs
  • Helpful hints for providing feedback
  • Skill/Will Matrix – how to use and apply

And much more!


  • Future and current mentors
  • Future and current coaches
  • Line managers and team leaders
  • Human Resources managers
  • Professional specialists
  • Anyone with the interest in mentoring and coaching


  • Understand the purpose of coaching and mentorship
  • Have clarity on the roles and responsibilities of all the role players
  • Be able to apply mentorship and coaching as a process
  • Be able to identify and deal with possible challenges during the mentorship process
  • Have the ability to develop individuals for improved performance in the workplace


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