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Many managers, although experts in their own field and skilled at motivating their team to perform, are also required to prepare and report on the annual budget. The problem is that not everyone has a financial background and this is an area that leaves many feeling out of their depth and unprepared. But, it doesn’t have to be this way. AstroTech can help make next year’s budget process, not only much easier, but also a valuable management tool.


  • Understanding the purpose and objectives of budgeting in organisations
  • Understanding budgeting within a business unit
  • Knowing the different types of budgets
  • How budgeting impacts the flow and allocation of money in an organisation
  • Making sense of budgeting terminology
  • Understanding the difference between operational and capital budgeting
  • Zero-based and activity based budgeting
  • Comparing the budget to actuals and identifying and analysing discrepancies
  • Understanding the difference between positive and negative variances 
  • Using variances to address performance issues
  • Expenditure and costing
  • Fixed and variable costs
  • Forecasts and projections based on historical information
  • Understanding how budgets fit into cash flow statements
  • Constructing, presenting and justifying a budget convincingly
  • Accurate budget and expenditure reporting
  • Knowing what kind of budget is appropriate for which situation
  • Mastering capital budgeting calculations including:
    • Discounted cash flow
    • Future value
    • Present value
    • Net present value
    • Depreciation of capital investments

And much more!


  • Managers, directors, professionals and project managers who need to better understand corporate budgeting
  • Those involved in the creation and reporting of business budgets
  • Project personnel that need to justify project or capital expenditure
  • Anyone else required to work with corporate budgets that wants to acquire the necessary skills to better create, analyse and/or report on budgets


  • Better understand how a budget impacts both the company and your business unit
  • Understand the benefits of a budget
  • Be able to better motivate and justify your budget through greater understanding
  • Know what variances mean in terms of performance indicators
  • Feel in control


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