The Tender Process: from Preparation to Evaluation

The Tender Process: from Preparation to Evaluation


The issuing of tenders for goods and services encourages fair play and good pricing for organizations issuing them. The process can, however be complex and extensive. To assist you to improve your tender process, AstroTech is running a course entitled: “The Tender Process: from Preparation to Evaluation”.

The course includes the following key topics:


  • Understanding why organisations tender and what they want to achieve
  • Understanding the tendering bid cycle
  • Preparing the bid specification
  • Documenting your requirements clearly
  • Where and how to advertise tender requests
  • Communication and transparency in the bidding process
  • The tender request notice
  • The PFMA and tendering
  • Terms and conditions of tendering
  • Identifying and eliminating fraud in the bidding process
  • The tender schedule
  • Closing dates and times
  • The difference between:
    • Expressions of Interests
    • Request for Proposals (RFP)
    • Requests for Tenders (RFT)
  • Standard forms of contract
  • Understanding how the tender evaluation is performed
  • The tender evaluation criteria
  • Who should be on the tender evaluation board or committee?
  • Analysing tender documents
  • The adjudication process
  • Compliance assessment
  • Risk assessment
  • Comparative assessment and ranking
  • Tender Approvals
  • Tender confidentiality
  • Do’s and Don’ts when interacting with bidders
  • Reasons for disqualification
  • Negotiation issues
  • Post tender contracts

And much more!


  • Specialists / technical staff involved in the issuing of tenders
  • Procurement personnel
  • Project managers / team leaders involved in issuing tenders
  • Anyone involved in the preparation or evaluation of tenders / bids


  • Fully understand the bidding process from start to finish
  • Ensure you can clearly define the tender requirements
  • Establish a qualified evaluation team with all the skills to select the most suitable bidder
  • Learn how to identify the key evaluation criteria
  • Know how to award tenders to qualified, good value suppliers that present an acceptable risk level to your organisation


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