The High Performance PA or Administrator: Essential Skills

The High Performance PA or Administrator: Essential Skills


It has been said that a manager is only as effective as his/her PA allows him/her to be. While perhaps a little extreme, the value of an excellent administrative assistant goes unquestioned.

In order for managers to make optimum use of their time and deliver exceptional results themselves, an assistant who is competent, efficient and presentable is a must have for any organisation.

In order to assist PAs and administrative personnel to develop the skills necessary to be a true asset to their organisation, AstroTech is offering a training programme on “The High Performance PA or Administrator: Essential Skills”.

The course includes the following key topics:


  • Doing the job right!

– Managing small projects
– Diary management & follow up
– Organising travel requirements
– Creating an organized environment
– Organising meetings
– Dealing with clients and visitors

  • You and Your manager

– Managing your manager
– Understanding appropriate assertiveness
– Balancing the demands of more than one Manager
– Contributing to your managers success
– Organise your manager(s) and anticipate their needs effectively.
– Organising a disorganized manager
– Working as a team with your manager
– Managing your and your manager’s time
– Representing your manager(s) appropriately in a variety of situations

  • Organisational Skills

– Planning your day
– Time management
– Action plans and to do list
– Task Prioritisation
– Planning ahead
– Effective multi-tasking

  • Communication skills

– Telephone skills & Call screening
– Written communication and email
– Effective minute taking
– Write Effective Agendas
– Using Professional Language
– Writing on behalf of others
– Effective listening and questioning skills

  • Managing Yourself & Your Image

– Conveying a professional image
– Managing your emotions
– Improving your credibility
– Conflict management
– Methods of handling difficult people
– Developing a position of increased influence
– Problem solving on your own
– Being a team player
– Developing your network

And much more!


  • Secretaries and Personal Assistants
  • Executive Secretaries and Personal Assistants
  • Office Administrators
  • Events Co-ordinators
  • Anyone else looking to improve their organisational and time management skills


  • Improve your efficiency by organising and planning well
  • Learn how to manage and maximise your time effectively
  • Achieve the results that you want by managing yourself and your manager
  • Improve your communication skills
  • Enable your manager to be more efficient and effective


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