Webinar: A Growth Mindset – The Key to Career Survival

Webinar: A Growth Mindset – The Key to Career Survival

We are living through a pandemic right now, but while the future may be uncertain, learning never stops. It’s extremely important to keep a positive attitude to survive this storm. This is especially true if you are a leader or manager. Your employees are looking up to you. A change in mindset is necessary.

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  • What is growth mindset and fixed mindset?
  • Looking at growth mindset from individual, leadership and organizational perspective
  • Taking Control of Your Own Destiny
  • Recognising that Brains & Talent are merely a starting point
  • The Key to Great Accomplishment
  • Viewing Challenges as Opportunities
  • Cultivating Grit
  • Characteristics of Growth mindset leaders/managers – their responses to uncertainty/challenges
  • Coaching staff to develop a growth mindset
  • Developing a growth mindset culture in the organisation

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  • Developing and enhancing GRIT
  • Understand how many limitations are self-imposed and how to overcome this
  • Be able to develop a new way of thinking
  • Understand how adversity can be an integral part of the learning process



  • Managers within organisations who want to develop a growth mind-set culture
  • HR Professionals
  • Anyone who wants to develop and grow in this changing environment

Duration: 1 hour



Flexible Training: No minimum delegates. Your Date. Your Duration. Face to Face or Online.

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