Career & Self Development

Career & Self Development


High staff turnover and low motivation is often symptomatic of a feeling of powerlessness by employees to achieve promotion and ensure development within their own organisations. Responsibility for career development is often placed solely on the shoulders of management while employees themselves need to learn to chart their own course. Low staff turnover can save companies substantial money annually while a satisfied and motivated work team can produce incredible results. In order to assist companies to empower their staff to take control of their own development and thereby achieve job satisfaction, AstroTech is offering a training course on Career & Self Development:


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  • Planning your career
  • Setting yourself goals and objectives
  • Identifying your priorities
  • Self motivation
  • Grow with your employer
  • Negotiating your salary
  • Internal transfers and opportunities
  • Recognising restructuring opportunities
  • The product – YOU
  • Image building
  • Making yourself irreplaceable
  • Relationships and team building
  • Skills development and training opportunities
  • Overcoming your weaknesses

And much more!



  • People who feel they have not reached their full potential
  • People wishing to develop their careers.
  • People looking to achieve a balance between their work and home life
  • People looking to develop their team skills
  • People wishing to take responsibility for their own development
  • People wishing to grow within their existing organization


  • Learn to take responsibility for yourself and your career development
  • Learn to set goals and achieve them
  • Learn to grow within your existing organisation
  • Learn to achieve balance in your life
  • Learn to work successfully in teams


Choose your preferred training type/method of delivery below.

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We come to you!

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Flexible Training: No minimum delegates. Your Date. Your Duration. Face to Face or Online.

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