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Every organisation in which we work generates conflict. All organizations acknowledge that workplace conflict is inevitable, yet few of them recognize that learning how to prevent and resolve conflict is key to business success.
Poorly managed workplace conflict causes stress, low morale and decreased productivity. Even though our ability to collaborate with others, the making of agreements and the resolution of conflicts are core skills for working with others and for achieving business results, these skills are taught to very few of us. Instead of confronting conflict constructively and working beyond settlement of conflict to true resolution, many of us have become masters of avoidance, defensiveness or attack.

To assist people at all levels acquire some of these skills, AstroTech is offering a training programme “Conflict Prevention and Resolution”. The course content includes the following:


  • Understanding the context and causes of conflict
  • Individual vs. team based conflicts
  • Personal conflict handling responses and reactions
  • From victim mode to conflict ownership mode
  • Facing your fears and how they impact on your ability to confront and resolve conflict
  • Awareness of own interaction styles
  • Awareness of impact of others’ interaction styles on self
  • Having difficult conversations
  • Listening, not just hearing
  • Decoding hidden messages
  • Acknowledging and sifting through emotions
  • Disclosing Information and Feelings
  • Separating what matters from what’s in the way
  • Dialogue as a means of confronting and preventing conflict
  • Working towards resolution
  • Building a collaborative attitude
  • Learning from your conflicts
  • Practical conflict confrontation and resolution guidelines
  • Application of practical guidelines and opportunity for feedback

And much more!


  • Managers and Supervisors

  • Project Leaders and Team Leaders

  • Team Members

  • Anyone wishing to improve their skills with respect to managing conflict.


  • Learn how to manage conflict constructively

  • Better understand the causes of conflict

  • Reduce the stress associated with conflict situations

  • Achieve greater harmony and, therefore, productivity in the workplace


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