Corporate Selling Skills

Corporate Selling Skills


Without sales, there is ultimately no Business! A professional and effective sales team is key to the success of most businesses. However, the sales function is often under appreciated and overlooked in its importance to the success of any enterprise. The truth is, a dedicated, motivated and skilled sales force can make an incredible difference to the performance of an organisation. Fortunately, professional selling is a skill that can be learned and to assist companies to develop high performance and professional sales teams, AstroTech is offering a training course on “Corporate Selling Skills”.

The course covers the following key topics:


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  • Understanding the Selling Environment
  • Identifying marketing trends
  • Understanding customer expectations
  • Becoming more marketing orientated
  • Creating a professional image
  • Managing time effectively
  • Identifying time wasters
  • Prioritising activities
  • Sales planning
  • Setting sales goals and objectives
  • Developing sales strategies
  • Making sales appointments
  • Prospecting for potential business
  • Cold calling techniques
  • Sales preparation
  • Identifying customer knowledge
  • Assessing product knowledge
  • Understanding market/industry knowledge
  • Analysing competitive knowledge
  • Identifying self-knowledge

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  • Sales presentation
  • Identifying customer needs
  • Establishing credibility
  • Using the 3 P’s of presentations
  • Selling benefits
  • Handling objections
  • Handling difficult customers
  • Negotiating the sale
  • Identifying the difference between selling and negotiating
  • Reasons for negotiating
  • Misconceptions about negotiating
  • Negotiating steps
  • Characteristics of a good negotiator
  • Closing the sale
  • Identifying buying signals
  • Effective closing techniques
  • Closing the sale application exercise
  • Maintaining relationships
  • Providing excellent customer service
  • Providing added value

And much more!



  • Sales Managers
  • Sales consultants and professionals
  • Anyone else who can benefit from professional sales skills


  • Maximise your sales
  • Ensure a structured & planned selling approach
  • Ensure a professional approach to selling
  • Understand the negotiating process
  • Network with other professionals with similar interests


Choose your preferred training type/method of delivery below.

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We come to you!

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Flexible Training: No minimum delegates. Your Date. Your Duration. Face to Face or Online.

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