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Employers and their employees very often have different and diverse needs, interests and goals, which, if not met, can lead to conflict situations. The resulting confrontation results at best in poor work relations and at worst, in strike action. To avoid such conflict and confrontation, it is vital that staff are equipped with the ability to conduct negotiations in such a manner that win/win outcomes are achieved and all parties are satisfied with the various agreements reached and will continue to carry out their functions efficiently. In order to assist organisations in performing effective industrial relations, AstroTech is offering a training programme on Staff & Union Negotiations.

The course covers the following key topics:


  • The Nature & Purpose of Negotiation
  • The Structure of a Negotiation
  • Factors Influencing Negotiations
  • Personal & Organisational Elements of Power
  • The Negotiating Process
  • Preparing & Planning for Negotiations
  • Selecting the Negotiation Team
  • The Negotiation
  • Behavioural Skills
  • Tactical Skills
  • Selling the Agreement
  • Implementing the Deal
  • Employer’s Duty to Bargain & Duty to Disclose Information
  • Duty to Bargain
  • The Bargaining Unit
  • The Scope of Bargaining
  • The Level of Bargaining
  • Duty to Disclose Relevant information
  • Workplace Forums
  • Handling Difficult Situations & Dirty Tricks
  • Avoiding conflict & Deadlock
  • When to Walk Out
  • Closing the Negotiation
  • Implementing the Negotiation
  • Evaluating the Negotiation

And much more!


  • Company Directors
  • Company Managers
  • Industrial Relations Staff
  • Human Resources Personnel
  • Anyone else with an interest in the topic


  • Be better prepared for Industrial Negotiations
  • Improve your chance of achieving a Win-Win Outcome
  • Reduce the impact of industrial action on your business and customers
  • Better Understand the Negotiation Process
  • Network with other professionals with similar interests


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