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Effective strategic management is at the heart of an efficient modern organisation. With organisations facing a continuously changing business landscape, it is extremely important that effective strategic management is continuously applied. To assist organisations to have the necessary knowledge to allow them to implement effective Strategic Management, AstroTech is offering a training programme on “Strategic Management”.

The course covers the following key topics:


  • Demystifying Strategy
  • External Strategy Research- Market Research- Customer Research

    – Consumer Research

    – Distribution Research

    – Products Research

    – Competition Research

    – Social Research

    – Legal Research

    – Political Research

    – Environmental Research

    – New Technologies Research


  • Internal Strategy Research- SWOT analysis- Core competencies

    – Customer value proposition

    – Current performance


  • Strategy Construction- Vision- Mission

    – Strategy mapping (Cause and effect)

    – Determine behaviour patterns which will emanate from the strategy

    – Setting of Objectives (KPA’s, KPI’s, BSC)

    – Change management strategy


  • Implementing Strategy- Operational planning- Measuring

    – Root cause analysis

    – Review

    – Change management


  • Tools to Assist with Implementation- Project management- Business process re-engineering

    – Quality management

    – CRM

    – Performance management

    – Supply chain planning

    – New product development

    – Brand


  • Continuous Strategy Development

And much more!


  • CEOs, Directors & General Managers
  • Organisation Managers in different disciplines
  • Strategic Managers
  • People involved in company strategy
  • Anyone else with an interest in Strategic Management


  • Understand the many facets involved in strategic management
  • Learn the techniques involved in strategic issues
  • Learn how to implement strategic objectives
  • Learn about tools available to assist with strategy


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